Plan Sponsor Gateway

plan sponsor gateway Please click the image on right to see the Plan Sponsor Gateway. This is a live demo, with updated and current mutual fund prices. This Gateway gives the plan sponsor a solid “hands-on” experience of how robust and well-organized 401k Easy really is. Most plans can be fully administered in only 10 minutes a month...or less. The plan sponsor has complete control over all plan operations---and can view participants' accounts, easily process loan, hardship and distribution requests, print timely audit reports, and perform compliance testing, and all other functions quickly, easily, and with total confidence using 401k Easy's intuitive, proven, rock-solid administration.

Sponsor gateway: Introduction to self-service plan administration

Entrance into your 401k Easy plan administration and participation occurs, respectively, through your customized Plan Sponsor Gateway and Plan Participant Gateway.

  • The Plan Sponsor Gateway gives your authorized personnel Internet-based access to self-service 401k administration.
  • The Plan Participant Gateway gives everyone in your company Internet-based access to self-service 401k participation, which includes access to information about your company plan and participating in it.
  • The exact features and capabilities accessible through each gateway depend on the customization options you as Plan Sponsor choose for your company plan and those that the eligible employee chooses for his or her individual 401k account.

The Plan Sponsor Gateway is the plan sponsor's path to customized self-service plan administration, including convenient communication with company employees.

  • Access is user-name and password protected. Only those individuals at your company whom you authorize can enter your Plan Sponsor Gateway.
  • Functions are separated into two streams: Plan configuration functions (see next topic) control overall plan information and operation parameters, while day-to-day plan administration functions (see the topic after next) power and monitor day-to-day administrative activity.

The below topics explain the key features within the Plan Sponsor Gateway.

Sponsor gateway: Configuration functions

As a plan sponsor, you use 401k Easy to further set up your customized 401k plan's operation. Plan configuration functions include:

  • Configure Client - Allows authorized user(s) to view and edit the company name, address, tax ID number(s), etc. to be associated with the selected plan (you can run more than one type of retirement plan via 401k Easy; contact us for details) as well as to establish the log-in names and passwords authorizing entry to the plan's day-to-day administration functions.
  • Configure Bulletins - Enables authorized user(s) to create Bulletins that will be visible by each employee as they log into the system.
  • Configure Divisions - Enables authorized user(s) to create and modify Divisions to attach to employee data. Common Division categories include branch office locations and company departments (accounting, marketing, etc.).
  • Configure Employees - Enables authorized user(s) to add, delete, or modify data relating to company employees. Data can be displayed in terms of any of a variety of data fields, including established Divisions.

Sponsor gateway: Day-to-day administration

As a plan sponsor, you will use 401k Easy to run your customized 401k plan. Day-to-day plan administration functions include:

  • Plans - Lets you view and edit (as appropriate) a list of your company's existing plan(s) (you can use 401k Easy to run more than one retirement plan) and to model a new plan, if desired, for approval submission.
  • Transaction Log - Displays a list of transactions for the currently selected plan as well as the status of each transaction (pending, held, settled, etc.).
  • Participants - Leads into the main participant activity functions for the selected plan. The initial panel displays a list of plan participants and links to the Plan Participant Gateway for access to direct management of employees' accounts, including loan, transfer, and distribution activity.
  • Investments - Displays the investments currently offered within the selected plan. 401k Easy allows for no-load and/or load mutual funds (including no-load institutional mutual funds), self-directed brokerage accounts, annuities, and more. In fact, if the IRS says it's OK for 401k investment, it's likely compatible with 401k Easy. Visit our Investments page for details.
  • Process Contributions - Allows the people your company authorizes to process regular as well as "special" 401k contributions, such as transfers from a previous employer's 401k plan. Contribution payroll information can be uploaded from a text file directly into the processing grid. The system will perform automatic validation checking and report any errors or rule violations encountered in the data.

    The authorized user(s) can do all plan processing at once or save data and continue working with it later.

    Once data is submitted for processing, it is held by the system until verification of funds is received through the asset custodian.
  • Participant Loans, Transfers, and Distributions - Accessed through the Plan Participant Gateway, the Loans, Transfers and Distributions panel displays a list of pending loan, distribution, and transfer requests submitted by plan participants. Authorized plan administration user(s) can approve or deny the requests, and can also model new loans, distributions, and transfers for plan participants.

    In addition, authorized plan administration user(s) can key in loan payoffs, partial payoffs, and re-amortizations. In the case of payoffs or partial payoffs, transactions remain in Pending status until verification of funds is received from the asset custodian.
  • Activity - Accessed through the Plan Participant Gateway, the Activity panel displays a detailed list of buy/sell activity for all participants of the selected plan. Data can be filtered by date range, participant, investment name, and source.
  • If you like, try out some or all of these functions using our demo Plan Sponsor Gateway, which is accessible through our Product Demos section.

Sponsor gateway: Forms and reports

401k Easy's Forms and Reports functions include:

  • Testing & Reports - The Advisor can run the following tests and reports for any number of plans at will:
  • The Global Audit Log - maintains a record of ALL activity performed throughout the system, including activities at the general system administration level. Sponsor can search for information by client, plan, date range, plan administrator, participant, and/or transaction type.


  • ACP Test-Section 401(m)
  • ADP Test-Section 401(k)
  • Calendar Year Deferral Limit Test-402(g)
  • Compensation Nondiscrimination
  • Maximum Annual Additions Test-415 (c)
  • Ratio Percentage Test
  • Top Heavy Test- Section 416


  • Age 50 Reports
  • Balance Less Than $5000
  • Deferral Change Summary Report
  • Distribution Activity Summary
  • Investment Elections Report
  • Loans-Activity Summary
  • Loans-Delinquent Loans
  • Loans-New Loan Summary
  • Loans-Reconciliation
  • Participant Address Report
  • Participant Allocation Report
  • Participant Contribution Summary
  • Participant Hours & Compensation Summary
  • Participant Statements
  • Participant Synoptic Report
  • Participant Vesting Detail
  • Participant Vesting Summary
  • Participation Allocation Summary
  • Required Minimum Distributions

Security features

401k Easy employs technological as well as operational security features designed to safeguard all information without overly complicating the end-user experience. Security features range from the simple to the complex. For instance:

  • Plan sponsors have the option of designating a person or persons (generally the company's 401k plan administrator) who must approve account changes that participants make via the Plan Participant Gateway before the changes can become effective.
  • 128-Bit Encryption Security - Encryption helps protect private financial information as it travels over the Internet communications between the browser on the user's computer. Data is scrambled with 128 bit encryption security, then de-scrambled when it arrives back into the user's computer web browser.
  • Confidential Log-in - Account information is accessible only with a valid log-in and PIN or password. Users who do not successfully enter login and password are locked-out after a few attempts.
  • Automatic Log-off - The system terminates the user session if computer remains inactive for a designated period of time. This log-off feature helps prevent on-lookers from accessing confidential information if the user steps away from the computer.
  • User Activity Reports + Logs - The system records all successful and unsuccessful sign-on, monitors all activity, including unusual activity or discrepancies in user sign-on, and locks out users who do not correctly enter the registered login and password for the account, whether that account be a participant account or the administration account.